We offer printing, copying and scanning facilities in all our libraries. The information below describes the services available at our Sempacherstrasse and Uni/PH building. 

For detailed information on the services offered at our HSLU locations, please visit the websites of the various libraries.


Size A4

  • b/w CHF 0.10 per page
  • Colour copies CHF 0.40 per page

Size A3

  • b/w CHF 0.20 per page
  • Coulour copies CHF 0.80 per page           


  • free of charge

Copies/scans via copy order form at the Sempacherstrasse library

  • CHF 1.00 per page for copies and scans (A4 or A3)     

Cash card

The library cards of the ZHB and the student cards (CampusCard and HSLU-Card) may be used as payment cards for copying and scanning. Users without such a card can obtain a cash card free of charge from the information desk. This card does not yet contain any credit - it must be topped up before the first use.

Single copies can be made with a pre-loaded library cash card. This card is also available at the information desk (in exchange for an identity card as a deposit).


You may use our printers, which you will find in separate copy rooms.


Printouts can be made on our multifunction printers directly from a USB stick using a cash card. We recommend saving the document as a PDF.

As an employee or student of the University of Lucerne, you can use the Follow-Me-Print web service to print documents on any multifunctional machine. With the web service, PDF documents can be printed directly from a private PC without having to install a printer driver.

A separate system is offered for staff and students of the PH Lucerne: Information on printing for staff and students of the PH Lucerne

It is also possible to print documents from a notebook that can be borrowed (b/w only). The printouts can be collected from the information desk for a fee.


Our multifunctional machines can also be used for scanning. A cash card is required for this.

Documents can be saved directly to a USB stick.

As an employee or student of the University of Lucerne, you can save documents directly to your private PC via the web service.

Scanning with a book scanner

Specialised book scanners may be used on site. The documents can be saved on a USB stick.

Scanning with mobile scanners

A box with a mobile scanner can be taken to your seat in the library. It is not necessary to borrow it. You can download the necessary software to your notebook or borrow one of our lendable notebooks, which already have the installation file for the scanning software on the desktop.


Please note our copyright information when scanning and copying.