Working spaces

We offer 670 seats for learning and working at the ZHB site in the Uni/PH building. Seats cannot be reserved.

There is a postgraduate work area for a maximum of 24 students from the University and the University of Teacher Education (Lucerne only) who are writing their Master's thesis, doctoral thesis or postdoctoral dissertation. Request application form.

Free seats

The Seat Navigator can be used at any time to find out how many free seats are available in the library and exactly where they are.

On a library map of the various buildings you can see how many seats are currently occupied. This is shown in an accurate display as free (green), occupied (red) or vacant (yellow).

If you only leave your seat temporarily for a break, you do not have to worry that it will be released immediately. The following break regulations apply:

  • If a seat has been occupied for at least 20 minutes, the display switches to pause mode (yellow) for 60 minutes after the seat has been left.
  • If a seat has been occupied for less than 20 minutes, the display reverts to free (green) as soon as the seat is vacated.

Personal data is neither recorded nor stored by the motion sensors. The sensors transmit their data wirelessly and, compared to WLAN and mobile phones, with significantly less radiation and greater energy efficiency.

Group study rooms

There are 4 rooms available for groups at the ZHB site in the Uni/PH building. Reservations are made by the students themselves. A folder is available at the information desk.

One group can book for a maximum of 2 hours per day. If a group has not arrived at the room 15 minutes after the booked time, the reservation is cancelled.

Locations fo the group rooms


6 chat pods may be used by individuals or groups for discussions or online meetings. The cubicles can be booked using the reservation folder at the information desk (max. 2 hours per day). If a chat pod is not occupied 15 minutes after the registered time, the reservation is cancelled.

Working spaces for master students

Master students writing their thesis may use special work spaces. Those seats are allocated for ten months. If you are interested, please contact the information desk. Places are allocated in the order in which the registration forms are received.

Locations of Working Spaces

Working spaces for doctoral and post-doctoral students

These seats, which include the use of a locker, can be reserved for six months. Priority will be given to doctoral and post-doctoral students who do not have an office at one of the two institutions. If you are interested, please contact The places will be allocated according to the date of receipt of the e-mails.

Locations of Working Spaces

Application forms

Please sign the application form and send it to us or hand it in at the library information desk. You will then be notified by E-mail.