Ethnographic Studies

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Issue No. 9 (2007)

SPECIAL ISSUE: Media, Wars and Identities: Broadcasting Islam, Muslims and the Middle East, Part 1

Guest Editors: Baudouin Dupret, Jirí Nekvapil and Ivan Leudar

Baudouin Dupret, Jirí Nekvapil, Ivan Leudar, and Jean-Noël Ferrié
Ethnographic Studies No. 9/2007: 1-5

Dušan I. Bjelic
Edited Identities and Geopolitics of Global Media
Ethnographic Studies No. 9/2007: 6-18

Lena Jayyusi
Between Saying and Showing: Making and Contesting Truth Claims in the Media
Ethnographic Studies No. 9/2007: 19-43

Ivan Leudar and Jirí Nekvapil
The War on Terror and Muslim Britons’ Safety: A Week in the Life of a Dialogical Network
Ethnographic Studies No. 9/2007: 44-62

Baudouin Dupret and Jean-Noël Ferrié
The Audience They Assign Themselves: Three Arab Channels and Their "Self-Presentation" (al-Jazeera, al-Manar, al-Hurra)
Ethnographic Studies No. 9/2007: 63-80

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