Special Collections

Visual materials. As part of its new open science policy (in German), the ZHB Lucerne makes the digital and digitised cultural heritage in its holdings - as far as possible - accessible free of charge. Therefore, scans of images (photos, prints, etc.) will no longer be charged. However, in the spirit of good scholarly practice, the ZHB Lucerne Special Collection expects that when digitised material is used, the source is fully acknowledged


Text material. A processing fee is charged for scanning/copying orders from text collections:

PDF file (100 dpi, via mail or file exchange, b/w or four-colour):

1–10 pages:                               CHF 10.00

Further pages:                           CHF 1.00 per page

Paper copies A4/A3:

  • By mail:

           1–10 pages:                     CHF 10.00

           Further pages:                  CHF 1.00 per page

           Dispatch charges: Switzerland CHF 2.00, foreign states CHF 5.00

  •  Picked up on site (Infotheke Sempacherstrasse): CHF 1.00 per page







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