University of Lucerne info-lunch special

In cooperation with the University of Lucerne, the ZHB is hosting a series of talks called info-lunch special, which are aimed at researchers and faculty.

At the info-lunch special, our subject librarians will give practical talks about current search tools and platforms, as well as about recent developments in the publishing industry, open access and scientific communication.

Contact:informationskompetenz @ or ad @

Graduate School, University of Lucerne Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

In cooperation with the University of Lucerne Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, subject librarians from ZHB Lucerne offer regular half- to one-day workshops for doctoral students as part of the Generic Skills Program (german only), covering subjects such as open access, systematic reviews and reference management.

If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to get in touch by emailing informationskompetenz @

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