The transformation of publishing

The world of publishing is in flux: digitalization has not only made it easier and quicker to distribute knowledge and information, but has also produced new forms of publishing and new ways of communicating knowledge. In addition to established publishing processes and forums, we now have blogs, social media, enhanced e-books, open review procedures, alternative ways of measuring impact, and the new business and publisher models that inevitably come with these changes. Alongside traditional closed access material (i.e. material for which users must pay to access), freely available, open access journals and monographs are fast gaining ground. Research sponsors now expect research findings to be openly accessible if there is nothing preventing them from being freely available. These changes have also helped facilitate citizen science and create new opportunities for exchange between science and society.

The ZHB is closely following these developments and will happily provide you with information and advice for any questions you may have about publishing.

Further information about new forms of academic publishing:

Christian Heise, Von Open Access zu Open Science. Zum Wandel digitaler Kulturen der wissenschaftlichen Kommunikation, Meson Press 2018 (978-3-95796-131-0).

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