ZHB's open science policy

The ZHB promotes open access and open science at many different levels. As an academic library, we help the universities in Lucerne to publish open access material by providing a repository for them to do so (LORY) and many open access services. As a cantonal library, we offer authors with links to Lucerne an open access platform where they can publish relevant work (LARA). It also strives to make its holdings as open as possible:


Our commitment to open access

The ZHB provides financial support to the following open access platforms and publications:

Our staff volunteer for the following open access initiatives:

Open Access and Swisscovery

Numerous Open Access sources are included in Swisscovery, for example:

Open Access sources can be identified on the level of the hit list and the display of the individual title via the button "Open Access". In addition, the corresponding facet can be used to filter for Open Access titles. Open Access sources are indexed in all subject databases. In some databases such as Web of Science or Scopus , filters can be used to search specifically for open access titles.



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