Libraries in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein can request original items and copies on behalf of their users. You can register online under "Anmelden” and "Neu registrieren". Libraries have to request original items and copies online in our search portal swisscovery RZS.

Libraries in other countries (excluding Lichtenstein) send their requests for materials and copies to fernleihe @ The relevant IFLA guidelines ( and the relevant fees for interlibrary loans and for shipping or copying apply for deliveries abroad. We request that deliveries to other countries (excluding Lichtenstein) are paid for using IFLA vouchers.

After activation of the account by library staff items or copies can be ordered directly on our research portal swisscovery RZS.

Fees other countries: physical items: Europe: 2 IFLA-Voucher, Great Britain and other countries: 3 IFLA-Voucher

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