Please check the return dates for media you have borrowed and your address information (including e-mail) in your library account regularly. You can make changes to your personal details online in your SWITCH edu-ID account.


  • Reminder: free of charge
    (1st day after due date)
  • First overdue notice: CHF 5 per item
    (one week after reminder)
  • Second overdue notice: an additional CHF 5 per item
    (one week after first overdue notice)
  • Third overdue notice: an additional CHF 10 per item
    (one week after second overdue notice)

Usually the reminders will be delivered by e-mail. After the third overdue notice, your user account will be automatically blocked. The items will be considered lost after 14 days and can no longer be returned.

For your open library fees, you will receive a monthly e-mail invoice for the chargeable services of the penultimate month (i.e. in May for March) from the  Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP). If you do not pay the invoice, your account will be blocked.

If your user account is blocked, this means that you can no longer order, borrow, reserve or renew media. A block will be lifted after the media in question have been returned or after the outstanding fees have been paid.

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