Top anthropology databases
Anthropology Plus (anthropological journal articles as references or full texts)
eHRAF World Cultures (data collection covering 295 societies around the world)
ethnologue (reference work on the world's ethnolinguistic groups, compiled by the Summer Institute of Linguistics)
AnthroSource (full text search in 33 journals from the American Anthropological Association)
Oxford Bibliographies Online: Anthropology (annotated bibliographies on social and cultural anthropology topics, physical anthropology and archaeology, compiled by specialists of the field)
Oxford Bibliographies Online: Latin American Studies and African Studies (annotated bibliographies on two Area Studies domains)
Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Anthropology: a new encyclopedia currently being built up and containing as of fall 2021 over 120 entries.
Ethnographic Video Online (four-part video stream database with over 2,800 ethnographic films and documentaries made between 1922 and 2014)
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) (good abstracts database on all social sciences, with substantial anthropology content)

Current issues of key e-journals at a glance
BrowZine Anthropology (latest issue plus back issues of a wide selection of journals in social and cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and physical anthropology; full text from 2005 onward)

Finding what I am looking for...
Anthropology: How do I find resources for my discipline? (overview of locally-available electronic resources for anthropology)


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