What is EZproxy?

Within the network of the University of Lucerne (UNILU), the Universities of Teacher Education Lucerne (PHLU), Schwyz (PHSZ) and Zug (PHZG), and the Central and University Library of Lucerne (ZHB), a wide range of electronic media (e-journals, e-books and licensed databases) can be accessed.

Outside the internal networks, the University of Lucerne's EZproxy service provides access to licensed electronic media. EZproxy is available to all employees and students of the above-mentioned organisations. Students and staff of the PHLU can also access the service via VPN.


EZproxy Login

Employees and students of the University of Lucerne with a SWITCHedu-ID account can use the EZproxy service at

Using EZproxy

After registration via the SWITCH account of the home organisation, you will be redirected to the EZproxy main page.

The EZproxy main page serves as a link between the EZproxy service and the ZHB digital resources. You may choose your language on the EZproxy main page and will be redirected to the ZHB website, from where you will gain access to the iluplus research tool and the electronic media of the ZHB. These include e-books, e-journals and various licensed or freely accessible databases.

External use of the e-media is only possible via the links provided on this specific website after you have logged in to the EZproxy service. Please refer to the web-address in your browser (url) to make sure that you are still within the EZproxy service.

If the web address does not contain a four-digit port number, you are no longer using the EZproxy service and must log in again and access the e-media via the specific links provided by the EZproxy main page and the subsequent ZHB webpage. It is not possible to save browser favorites via EZproxy.

Use of the e-media via EZproxy is permitted for scientific and university purposes only. The user name and password of the SWITCH account must not be made available to unauthorised persons.


Questions & Problems

If you have any questions or problems concerning the login of EZproxy and SWITCH edu-ID, please send an email to: helpdesk @

For questions about the ZHB e-media, please send an email to
e-medien @ or use the contact form in our e-media section (at this point only available in German).

If you would like general advice regarding your research please send an email to informationskompetenz @

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