E-books collections

In English and other languages

Ebook Central
E-books by various publishers on a variety of subjects.
► Generally speaking, up to 40% of the books are free to download with a free Ebook Central account.

Wiley Online Library
Humanities and social science reference works and handbooks including Blackwell Handbooks.

E-books from the Reformation Year Book Collection.

E-books on economics and business administration.

Elsevier Reference Works
A selection of reference works and handbooks on the humanities and social sciences.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Religious studies, philosophy and humanities encyclopedias.

U.S. law database, e.g. e-books, law, judgment collections and materials collections.

Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection
Lexica and dictionaries from all fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

SocIndex e-books
Access to social science e-books.

Open Access Text Archive
A collection of freely available online texts. In addition, the Internet Archive also provides access to film and audio materials, software and various resources on education and development.

Open Book Publishers
Open access monographs in HTML; also available as PDFs within the ZHB Uni/PH network.

OverDrive/Ebooks Switzerland
Lending portal for English-language fiction and non-fiction books.

In German

DeGruyter – Oldenbourg – Birkhäuser – Transcript
E-books by DeGruyter, Oldenbourg, Birkhäuser, Transcript and Harvard University Press.

German legal database of laws, books, journals, case law, forms and study aids in full text.

E-books on Content Select
E-books by publishers including Beltz, Campus, Klett-Cotta, Kohlhammer, Klostermann, Lambertus, Suhrkamp, Waxmann and others.

Duncker und Humblot
E-books on law, social sciences and economics, political science and philosophy.

Nomos Elibrary
E-books on international law and law of nations.

Springer E-books
E-books by the Springer publishing group, covering the humanities, social science, law, psychology and economics.
Law database by Stämpfli; e-books (including textbooks, handbooks, commentaries and year books) and journals.

utb-studi E-Books
Access to UTB textbooks and introductions covering all subjects.

Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht
E-books on theology, religious studies and Jewish studies.

wiso sciences: E-books
E-books by Deutscher Fachverlag (dfv), Haufe, Hampp and Gabal; covers marketing, organization, human resources, law, sociology, economics and business psychology.

Beck eLibrary
Economics e-books by Vahlen, UVK and Schäffer-Poeschel and Haufe.

Lending portal e.g. for e-books (fiction and non-fiction), e-papers and e-audiobooks. This collection is run in cooperation with other libraries in Central Switzerland.

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