One library for the whole of Switzerland

The SLSP system brings together the scientific information stored in libraries across Switzerland and makes it fully searchable and easily findable.

Since December 7, 2020, 475 libraries form a new, nationwide network offering access to the entire scientific media holdings in Switzerland. Search portal, user card, fees, loan periods and catalog rules of all participating libraries have been harmonized. 


Already registered?

Two simple steps will lead you to the registration:

  1. a SWITCH edu-ID account is required to register with SLSP. If you do not yet have one, you can set one up at
  2. the registration for SLSP with the SWITCH edu-ID is made at


Please note: The new registration applies to all users without exception. For reasons of data protection, you must register yourself. There will be no migration of existing data.


The new network replaces the previous library networks and their research platforms.

The abbreviation SLSP stands for Swiss Library Service Platform. SLSP is the association of more than 475 scientific libraries from all three parts of Switzerland.


  • Searches and orders in iluplus and swissbib are no longer possible.
  • All items borrowed through the old system can no longer be viewed online, and lending periods of said items can no longer be extended. Free recall notices will still be sent to users. If borrowed items are needed beyond the existing lending period, they have to be returned and checked out again.
  • Students have to reapply for their MA/PhD-work-places and lockers until the end of January 2021.
  • University staff have to reapply for reserve shelves until the end of January 2021.
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