Internet and WiFi at the Uni/PH Building and Sempacherstrasse


WiFi is available at Sempacherstrasse and the Uni/PH Building.

To log on:

  • Students and staff of the University of Lucerne should select the eduroam network. Employee login: LogonName + Realm '@unet.unilu.ch' (e.g. SmithJ@unet.unilu.ch); student login: LogonName + Realm '@studnet.unilu.ch' (e.g. S11-111-111@studnet.unilu.ch)
  • Students and staff of PH Lucerne should select the phlu or eduroam networks. Employee login eduroam: vorname.nachname@phlu.ch; student login eduroam: vorname.nachname@stud.phlu.ch
  • Students from other universities need to use eduroam if your university provides it (in which case your uni will give you the access information). If not, you can connect over a VPN (SWITCHconnect). Please note that this gives you access to the resources at the institution where you are and not to those at your own university.

All other users can log in using the "public" network. This login is valid for two days from the time when you request it. This network uses SMS authentication, so a cell phone is essential to complete your login.

How to access the WiFi with SMS login (German only)

If you need help with connection problems:

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