The Zug-Rotkreuz Campus library offers one multifunction copier. You find the copier in the copy room in the library.



The HSLU Campus Card can be used with the copier.  The card has no credit on it, so you'll need to add some before using it for the first time. 

The credit top-up and checking machines are located in the main building (Building A) on the second floor next to the administration office.

Library Copy Card

You can make single copies with a library copy card, if you don't own a HSLU Card.

The card is available at the information desk, the incurrred copy fees need to be paid there.

A4 b/wCHF 0.10 per copy/print
A4 colorCHF 0.50 per copy/print
A3 b/wCHF 0.20 per copy/print
A3 colorCHF 1.00 per copy/print



You can also use the multifunction copier at the ZHB Zug-Rotkreuz Campus library for scanning. Scanning is free, but you must have credit on your HSLU Card. There is also a mobile book scanner available in the copy room. You can take this to your workspace at the library, you don't need to borrow it. But it's not allowed to take it out of the library. You can download the required software onto your own notebook. Explanatory video (Only in German).

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