There is WiFi throughout the library.

To log on:

  • Students and staff of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts should select the hslu network and enter their usual HSLU login details
  • Students from other universities should select eduroam if your university provides it. Your own university will give you the access details. Please note that this gives you access to the e-resources at the institution where you are and at the moment not to those at your own university.
  • All other users can log in using the public network. This login is valid for two days from the time when you request it. This network uses SMS authentication, so a cell phone is essential to complete your login. Manual.

VPN – location-independent internet access for HSLU students

The VPN (virtual private network) gives you access to all e-resources licensed by the HSLU from any location using an encrypted connection. 

VPN Manuals

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