The Lucerne School of Business library has almost 100 workspaces with power outlets. These cannot be booked in advance.

The workspaces on the ground floor are suitable for use by individuals or groups. The ground floor serves as a place where people can talk. The individual workspaces upstairs are reserved for working in a quiet atmosphere.

Our Seat Navigator lets you check for vacant spaces upstairs.

You can display exactly which spaces are vacant (green), occupied (red) and vacated for a break (yellow) on a campus map in our V:Scout spatial information system. The motion sensors used to populate the map do not collect or store personal data. The sensors transmit data wirelessly. They also give off far less radiation and are much more energy-efficient than WiFi or cellular communications.

If you leave your workspace for a short break, there's no need to worry – it won't be shown as vacant again straightaway. The Seat Navigator follows these rules as regards breaks:

  • If a space is occupied for at least 20 minutes and then vacated, the display switches it to break mode (yellow) for 60 minutes.
  • If a space is occupied for less than 20 minutes and then vacated, the display switches it straight back to vacant (green).

If you have questions or suggestions about Seat Navigator, we'd love to hear from you at informatik @ zhbluzern.ch.

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