About Us

The Lucerne ZHB is a large general and academic library. It has been a center of literature and information since 1951, providing a valuable space for research and teaching, studying and professional learning, as well as leisure and enjoyment. As a central and university library, its holdings and services reflect the wide interests of a diverse audience while also catering for the needs of students and teaching staff.
Our extensive collections covering many different subject areas feature printed and digital materials and are supplemented by valuable historic holdings and special collections that the ZHB has inherited from its predecessors, the Bürgerbibliothek (founded 1812) and the Kantonsbibliothek (founded 1832). The large majority of our holdings is stored in the Kooperative Speicherbibliothek Schweiz (Swiss collective storage center for affiliated libraries) in Büron. The ZHB offers the latest materials, including books, journals, image documents, audiobooks and CD-ROMs, as well as electronic media and information sources, in the open stacks at all of its four locations. In addition to tailored training courses, classes and tours, the ZHB regularly organizes exhibitions and cultural events.

The ZHB is supported by the canton of Lucerne and is affiliated with the canton's Department of Education and Culture.

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