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Thank you for your interest in the Friends of the Lucerne ZHB

Books are the lifeblood of any library. But it's not just what's on the shelves that keeps a library alive. The Lucerne ZHB also thrives on the generous support of its Friends, a group of literary and cultural enthusiasts passionate about knowledge.

Our Friends have been providing us with advice and financial support since 1973. They have enabled us to purchase valuable acquisitions that have enriched our collections and improved access to education and knowledge at what is the largest library in Central Switzerland.

Our Friends are a vital link between the library and the public and a bedrock of support in hard times. Their objectives include the acquisition of special scientific, literary or artistic works and book sponsorship. There are many benefits for the Friends themselves, too.

The special events run by the Friends and the ZHB guarantee a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the library as well as exclusive offers, trips, and audiences with cultural artists.

The minimum annual contribution can open so many exciting doors. New members are always welcome. For more information, please contact:

Claudia Schwandt, Lucerne ZHB. Tel. +41 (0)41 349 75 33

Objectives of the Friends of the Lucerne ZHB

  • Acquisition of important scientific and artistic books
  • Book sponsorship (new additions, or restorations of precious books)
  • Raising financial support for the ZHB with special offers
  • Organizing events such as presentations, audiences with cultural artists, and book launches
  • Supporting the ZHB with the harsh realities of day-to-day business

The Friends of the Lucerne ZHB has several hundred members, of which 134 are life members.

Is the Friends of the Lucerne ZHB for you? Why not join us if:

  • You feel a strong connection with the ZHB and want to know more about it and what you can do to support it
  • You value what the ZHB has to offer, from the oldest manuscripts through to its e-books
  • You enjoy being involved in culture and supporting educational institutions
  • You are a booklover
  • You want to support the largest library in Central Switzerland, which uses modern technology and offers a first-rate cultural program

Membership benefits

  • Regular updates about the ZHB (new services, a program of events, annual reports)
  • Exclusive invitations to previews, talks, readings and other events
  • Discounted entry to ZHB events
  • Rewarding involvement in a long-standing cultural and educational institution

Interested in becoming a member? Read our constitution here.

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