Efficient research data management is dependent upon good planning. The establishment of a data management plan (DMP) helps in structuring the research process and in identifying any problems that may arise during the research project at an early stage. Good planning ensures that research data are being managed in a scientifically responsible way. 

It is advisable to establish the DMP at the beginning of the research project and to continuously adapt it. The DMP focuses on the lifecycle of research data:

  • What data are being collected, observed, generated or reused? 
  • How are the data being organised and documented? 
  • How and where are the data being stored?
  • What are potential legal and ethical questions that need to be addressed?
  • Where will the data be published and archived at the end of the research project?

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) requires since October 2017 the establishment of a DMP for most research projects applying for funding. In order to support researchers in establishing their DMP the Lucerne Central and University Library (ZHB Luzern) has developed a checklist.
For further questions please consult with us in person.  


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