Information for authors

Funding: Monographies usually will have to be paid by the author, irrespective of whether or not the publication is openly accessible. In case of Open Access it is common that the author is being charged more, though. Also, articles in Open Access journals usually require paying a fee. In order to cover these expenses the authors can benefit from publication funds provided by the universities they are members of. Furthermore Open Access costs are covered by research funders:

Choice of publisher/journal: In order to find an appropriate OA publisher/journal please consult the following directories:

Retaining rights to Secondary Publication on LORY/LARA: If the Gold Road is not possible, it is recommended to ensure when negotiating with the publisher that secondary publishing on a repository (e.g. LORY) is permitted. In order to retain any such rights additions may be made to the contract: 

In case your work was already published it is recommended to ask the publisher for a formal consent to secondary publication on LORY:

Additional Information on legal questions regarding publishing contracts


Information for Readers

Most library catalogues and databases, e.g. iluplus, Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK), Web of Science, Scopus and many others, will also list Open Access publications. If you would like to look for Open Access publications specifically, however, we suggest using the following research tools:

Additonally you may add an add on to your browser in order to have it show, if a free version is available of a specific article:

  • Unpaywall: Add On for Chrome and Firefox
  • Open Access Button: Allows searching for a free, openly accessible version of an article (e.g. via DOI, title etc.)
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