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Ethnographic Studies

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Issue No. 10 (2008)

SPECIAL ISSUE: Media, Wars and Identities: Broadcasting Islam, Muslims and the Middle East, Part 2

Guest Editors: Baudouin Dupret, Jirí Nekvapil and Ivan Leudar

Baudouin Dupret, Jirí Nekvapil, Ivan Leudar, and Jean-Noël Ferrié
Ethnographic Studies No. 10/2008: 1

Sebastian Abdallah
Online chatting in Beirut: sites of occasioned identity-construction
Ethnographic Studies No. 10/2008: 3-22

Gary David and Paul Jalbert
Undoing Degradation: The Attempted "Rehumanization" of Arab and Muslim Americans
Ethnographic Studies No. 10/2008: 23-47

Baudouin Dupret and Jean-Noël Ferrié
News Headlines: Stating in Brief what is Relevant in Today’s World (al-Arabiya, al-Jazeera, al-Manar, BBC World)
Ethnographic Studies No. 10/2008: 49-68

Mathias Broth
The “Listening Shot” as a Collaborative Practice for Categorizing Studio Participants in a Live TV-Production
Ethnographic Studies No. 10/2008: 69-88

Michel Barthélémy
Reception-in-Action in a Panel Interview: The Interactional Production of Several Kinds of "Public in Relation with a Problem"
Ethnographic Studies No. 10/2008: 89-105

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